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This website is for JR Tokai Buses and Expressway Buses that connect Nagoya with other major cities in Japan.
You can check prices and time tables, as well as make reservations, from this website.

▼ Click your destination outside of or in Nagoya.

  • Day Tokyo ⇔ Nagoya 22round-trips per day
  • Night Tokyo ⇔ Nagoya 10round-trips per day
  • Day/Night Osaka ⇔ Nagoya 14round-trips per day
  • Day/Night Kyoto ⇔ Nagoya 17round-trips per day
  • Day/Night  Kobe ⇔ Nagoya 6round-trips per day
  • Day/Night  Takayama ⇔ Nagoya 12round-trips per day